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Chrysalis Bucks Program

Chrysalis Bucks are given to employees that have been caught Making a Difference Daily. The Chrysalis Buck is a raffle ticket that is entered into a drawing. Recipients can win Ipads, vacations, movie tickets, cash, gift certificates, mp3 players, cruises, gaming systems, and a whole range of other prizes. We are always on the lookout for people that have an excellent service attitude and hope to catch you making a difference daily!

Previous Buck Winners

Here are some examples of what team members have received Chrysalis Bucks for in the past:

  • Planned a creative activity for the individuals
  • Gave emergency medical aid to help someone in need
  • Helping a client understand their homework so they could graduate
  • Showing a genuine interest in the lives of the individuals
  • Coming in on a day off to cook a holiday meal for a client with no family
  • Received a $300 Chrysalis Bucks prize and spent it on activities with the individuals
  • Taking flowers to and visiting with a client in the hospital on their day off
  • Showing up to a Chrysalis carnival dressed as a clown and making balloon animals on a day off without even being asked
  • Always offering to help with transportation to activities and medical appointments
  • Having a positive attitude at work
  • Helping cover an extra shift
  • Putting together a quality newsletter with great pictures of the clients
  • Following a client behavior plan exactly as written
  • Repaired some things around the house while working a grave yard shift
  • Set up an account to get the individuals free clothing and other needed items
  • Took a client up North to see his family on Christmas
  • Having a great attitude and being a great Mentor
  • Took a couple clients to a special event they had been looking forward to
  • Put together a Chrysalis Cookbook to help each home eat healthier
  • Took a client golfing multiple times to practice for the Special Olympics

These are just a small sampling of some of the things Chrysalis employees are doing on a daily basis to Make a Difference Daily!

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