1. How does Chrysalis Select Staff to Hire?
  2. Chrysalis has more than 1000 employees in Utah. Most of our employees implement ABA programs with adolescents or adults with autism and other intellectual disabilities. Chrysalis selects staff who have the most success working with these individuals and invites them to work with the children we serve. Occasionally Chrysalis hires from outside of the company if the prospective employee has an extensive, successful work history working with children with Autism and/or academic training in Special Education or Psychology. Chrysalis hires and trains staff members in anticipation of providing services for children with Autism, so staff are ready to begin working with a child as soon as a family contacts Chrysalis.

  3. How are Chrysalis' staff trained?
  4. All Chrysalis staff who work with children with Autism are trained before ever working an unsupervised shift. About half of the training hours are in an intensive classroom setting and the remaining hours are spent on site with the Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Lead Staff.

  5. How soon can Chrysalis begin services?
  6. In most cases, the Chrysalis BCBA and a Lead Staff schedule an intake meeting within one week of initial contact. Generally, an assessment is scheduled at the intake meeting and services begin as soon as the Chrysalis BCBA completes the assessment and has approval from the funding agency to start services with the child.

  7. Can Chrysalis work around my child's busy schedule?
  8. Chrysalis employees can work during any hours of the day and on any day of the week. In order to maximize the learning potential for every child, Chrysalis staff are committed to providing as many hours of service as is practical for the family and approved by the funding agency.

  9. What happens if a Chrysalis staff member is sick and misses a shift?
  10. First, at least two staff members are trained to implement each child's programming. In the event that a staff member is ill, the staff member will call the family as soon as they know they will not be able to work the shift. Next, the staff member will either find someone to work the shift at the scheduled time or schedule a time to make up the missed hours based on the family's preference.

  11. How many staff will be working with my child?
  12. Unless otherwise requested, Chrysalis has either two or three staff members working with a single child. This allows for opportunities to teach critical generalization skills without compromising the consistency important to the success of the child.

  13. How should I react to problem behavior when Chrysalis staff are not in my home?
  14. The Chrysalis BCBA will conduct any necessary assessments of the problem behavior and provide parents and other caregivers with comprehensive training upon request.

  15. My child is approved for BCBA time. How is this time utilized?
  16. In order to provide a comprehensive therapy for every child with Autism, the BCBA's time on each case is spent conducting family meetings, conducting child-specific team meetings, completing assessments, creating and updating programs, training new staff members, training caregivers, and observing staff in the home.

  17. I have more questions about services. How can I contact Chrysalis?
  18. If you are interested in learning more, or enrolling in this service, please email your contact information and questions to autismservices@gochrysalis.com or contact Lisa Webber at 801-655-4950 ext. 107.

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