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The focus of Chrysalis is serving and supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live a fulfilling life in the community.

Chrysalis offers a wide range of residential services from around the clock supervision to environments with minimal staff involvement. When an individual chooses Chrysalis, extreme care is taken in providing the services best suited to meet the needs of the individual.

Chrysalis provides a continuum of supports including medical, financial, therapy, behavioral services, day services, and employment. These services are carefully tailored to meet the needs, choices, and goals of each individual.

Chrysalis employs devoted staff members who are committed to helping each individual strengthen their skills, manage any challenging behaviors, and achieve their personal goals. We also provide employees with cutting edge group and individual training including online tools, resources, and training to assist them to Make a Difference Daily.

Great emphasis is placed on the philosophy that each individual should have the opportunity to determine and achieve their personal goals and dreams. Through a series of interviews and planning sessions with the individual and family, Chrysalis assists each individual in determining what their goals are and what supports are needed to achieve these goals. Chrysalis then monitors and assists each individual, as needed, to accomplish these goals.

Chrysalis does not exclude or deny benefits to, or otherwise discriminate against, any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age. Participation in Chrysalis' services, benefits, and activities are open to all who meet the federal funding requirements.

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