Picture of a nurse.

Your health is our highest priority

Chrysalis employs a team of medical support staff, including nurses and nurse's assistants who oversee and monitor all medical and psychiatric appointments, medications and the medical records of each individual.

Chrysalis provides staff to assist the individuals at their medical appointments, provide transportation, and assists with other medical needs. Chrysalis also works with an incredible team of licensed Pharmacists specialzing in individuals with intellectual disabilities at Meridian Meds LLC. Meridian meds provides pouch packaging which reduces errors and provides all medication services including medication delivery to the homes.


To support the individuals living at Chrysalis with their medical needs, we have designed customized software called e-Care to monitor each person’s medical needs. This enables Chrysalis to provide accurate and timely information to physicians, clinicians, staff and families. E-care keeps a detailed history on each individual including medical history, medication history, and other pertinent medical information.

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