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Tools for Current Employees:

Chrysalis employees can view and print their paystubs, W-2. and sick and vacation accurals online. To login for the first time you will need your Social Security number, home Zip Code, and the company ID from your HR manager. To login click here.

Chrysalis has an internal job board where current employees can have the first opportunity to be promoted from within. Click on the link above to look at Chrysalis' current opportunities. You must be a current employee to be considered for these positions. You can also check out the external job board, open to everyone, by clicking here.

A Benefit is not a benefit unless you know how to use it. We created this training so each employee and their spouse would understand how Chrysalis benefits work. But we went a couple steps further. We noticed that many employees did not fully understand what a premium, deductible, or out of pocket maximum was or worked. So we created a short but comprehensive training on how insurance really works. We also teach what a Health Savings Account is and some money saving tips you can use to maximize your benefits. This training does NOT require a username and password but we do ask that you type your name and whether you are a current employee.

A major focus of Chrysalis is improving the meals of the individuals in services. We created this tool as an easy way for Direct Support Staff to look up meals. You can look up meals by breakfast, lunch or dinner, or use the search box to look up specific ingredient or meal. For instance if you type pancake in the search box you will see a number of different pancake recipes.

House Manager Tools:

A well trained manager in each home is extremely important. We have created this training curriculum for managers so they can be as effective as possible. Each manager is given a username and password when they are first hired. They may use the username and password to access manager specific training and tools.



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